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What is Landscaping?

Landscaping is the process of modifying land use to produce desired effects on the natural terrain, water, and vegetation.
The most important aspects of a landscape are its ecological function and aesthetics.
Landscape design can be a hobby in some places, but it is often an important stage in the development of a site.

Landscaping can be used to produce many different effects on land and water.
An example would be to make an area look more attractive by planting flowers or getting rid of clutter.
It can also have practical considerations such as making the soil less compact for growing plants or changing drainage patterns for agriculture or preventing erosion by providing ground cover or retaining walls.

Need of Landscaping

Landscaping can be considered art or therapy - making your home beautiful by cultivating positivity through the use of natural elements such as gardens or fresh air through open windows for fresh
Landscapes serve as a vital part of human life, especially for people living in urban areas.
Humans not only look at it to admire the beauty but use them as a place for recreation.
The need for landscaping is unavoidable, especially in recent years as there has been an increase in the number of households across the country.
In order to maintain their homes and generate aesthetic appeal, homeowners need to care for lawns and gardens.

Types of Landscape:

Residential landscape

This type of landscaping is designed to appeal to homeowners. It can also be done in any yard.
Homeowners can choose from lawns, flowers, mulch, and other types of plants. Mulch: Mulch is a type of material that is used to cover the soil in a garden.
The mulch helps to support the growth of certain plants because it retains moisture and prevents weeds from growing.

Corporate Landscape

A corporate landscape is designed for companies to have green space that can be used for meetings, recreation, or events.
A corporate landscape is typically like a park for an office building. It would include trees, plants, and other features that would provide shade when needed.

Roof Gardening

Roof Gardening is growing plants on your roof or in containers up there.
This is becoming a more popular option because the plants can save energy in the summer by keeping the building cool while blocking out UV rays in the winter through insulation.
Roof gardening usually involves planting greenery on the roof rather than on the ground to save the land and make efficient use of space.

Landscaping Styles:

Landscaping styles are dependent on two main factors:
All cultures have different ways of landscaping, but they all follow the same basic principles.
If you live in a tropical area, you would want your garden to be more green and bright; if you live in a desert area, you would want your garden to be more dry and brown.
There are eight major different styles that can be categorized by region.

Tropical style

Tropical plants are often watered by irrigation systems or rain barrels.
The plants here usually enjoy a wet, humid environment that is never too dry.

Woodland style

Wooded areas can be made up of any trees and shrubs, but most will include pines and firs because these plants thrive in shadier environments.
This is also a very popular style for landscaping around homes.

Prairie Style

A prairie-style garden has no formal design, so the only rule is to avoid corners.
Prairie-style gardens have been adapted to many different regions around the US and Canada, with each region's native plants providing a lot of variety and color.

Desert Style

Desert plantings are all about survival--a landscape must be able to withstand extreme heat, wind, cold, and drought.
These plants have thick skin-like leaves that hold moisture close to their bodies in order to survive the harsh conditions they live in every day.

English Garden

Garden containing primarily plants that originate in Europe.
This type of garden is closely related to French gardens because they're both inspired by nature's own symmetry;
however, English gardens rely more heavily on the order of colors rather than the size or shape of the plants.

Spanish Style

A Spanish garden is usually an enclosure centered on a central fountain or water source and also includes several living rooms.


Grown for very long periods of time without pruning or shearing to create their natural shape French- Decorative garden design consisting of brightly
colored flowers, fragrant plants, and lush foliage

Japanese Garden

Garden typically planted in an asymmetrical pattern

Problems with Landscaping:

When people think of landscape, they usually think of plants and fauna.Generally, landscapes include a view and the plants that decorate them.
Landscaping is time-consuming and labor-intensive.It involves trimming trees, pruning shrubs, planting flowers, and installing irrigation systems.
In the modern world of time scarcity and convenience, landscape design is often an afterthought.
A lot of work goes into landscaping - even before things are planted or mulched.There's a lot to consider - water drainage, accessibility to the property being designed, and zoning restrictions in place on your property or neighboring properties.

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We also offer design, installation, and maintenance of a wide range of products like garden furniture, water features,
driveways, patios, and decking. This includes the supply or installation of materials such as plants, hard surfaces such as paving or block paving,
stone, or mulch. Services including irrigation systems or water treatment plants are also supplied and installed by TMP Landscaping

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