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Lawn Care

Local Lawn Care Services in Buffalo, North Tonawanda NY

Whether you're looking for a regular lawn service near me in North Tonawanda & Buffalo or want to make your backyard the most beautiful in the neighborhood,
TMP AllPro Services has something extraordinary for you.

TMP AllPro Services are experts in lawn care, from mowing and yard maintenance to sprinkler installation and snow removal.
Serving Buffalo and North Tonawanda, we are confident that our services will exceed your expectations.

Here at TMP AllPro Services, we provide a wide range of services including any type of lawn work you may need!
TMP Allpro Services is the best lawn care service provider in Buffalo, North Tonawanda, Williamsville, Clarance, and Amherst NY region.

The Best Types of Lawn Care Services and Why You Need Them

Lawn care is not just cutting the grass. It’s much more than that.
You need a well-maintained yard to give a perfect look to your home. With the hectic work schedule, you cannot manage your lawn on your own every day.
Thus, you need some professional services like TMP AllPro Services to take care of your front or backyard.
There are several types of services available as mentioned below for maintaining your lawn.

Mowing Services

Mowing services are the most common lawn care service and a necessary part of lawn care.
Mowing is the process of cutting the grass down to an even level. There are many benefits of mowing,
like providing a neat and tidy appearance to your yard, making it easier for you to maintain your yard with less time and effort,
and reducing the amount of water your lawn needs.

Edging Services

Edging services are a good option to get your lawn to look perfect. They help you to finish the edges of your lawn so they look neat and tidy all the time.
Lawn edging is important to keep, and you can choose from several types like concrete edging, metal edging, or plastic composite edging.
Concrete edging is a durable type of edge that will last for years without any breakage. It’s expensive but worth it if you want a long-lasting one.
If you don't want to spend on this type of edge, then metal edging may be the best option for you as it's affordable and durable as well.
If you are going for something budget-friendly, then go for a plastic composite edging as it is cheaper than concrete or metal ones with similar durability levels.

Aeration Service

This service is perfect for people who have a high-traffic lawn. The heavy footfall causes compaction of the soil which makes it difficult for oxygen to reach.
Hence, aeration service allows air and water to reach the roots of the grass on your lawn.

Fertilization service

Fertilization is the process of adding nutrients to the soil for better growth.
This service helps you maintain your lawn’s health and have a healthy environment. It promotes a better root system, which in turn will allow your grass to grow better.

Weed control service

A weed control service is a landscaping service that helps you get rid of weeds on your lawn.
You need this service to make your lawn grow healthily. This service also includes the removal of bugs and insects that may harm your lawn.

Tree and Shrub Care Service

Lawn care services are the type of thing that most homeowners never think about until they need them.
But with the right lawn care service like TMP Allpro Services, you can avoid spending time and money on lawn maintenance when you can just get it all done at once.
Our experts will provide a wide range of services to ensure your lawn is always in good shape.
They’ll offer mowing, edging, aeration, fertilization, weed control, and tree and shrub care. But don’t just take our word for it—ask for customers,
we have worked with before. Just choose us for your lawn care, you can rest easy knowing your lawn is always in good hands.